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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott Asked 5 years ago

Hi there guys.

Im just after a little help choosing a new Blade and set of rubbers for an extremely fast bat.

So far I have a couple of blades and rubbers in mind, but would be happy to hear other peoples opinions and suggestions.


Butterfly Sardius Carbin

Andro CS5 Carbin OFF++ (butterfly Sardius Carbin clone)

Joola Wing Carbin

Donic EPOX Topspin


Butterfly Bryce Speed

Andro Rasant

Andro Hexer HD

I play with a mixed offensive style game play with looping, flat drives, topspin drives (light to heavy topspin), and offensive counter hitting.

Im currently using a Dawei Carbin, with Andro Rasant on the FH, and Andro Hexer HD on the BH. And i find that the bat is just not fast enough for me. I am wanting to just go as fast as possible with the blade and rubber combo (buget up to $300-350).

If anyone knows the fastest blade and rubber combo, please feel free to drop a line.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Let's see what the readers can do for you.

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Shaun Synot

Shaun Synot Posted 5 years ago

Are you talking Aussie dollars or USA dollars or some other country?

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott Posted 5 years ago

Australian dollars. Got a few online stores that carry large stock.

300-350 is just a round about price. May spend more depending on blade and rubber setup.

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