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Andrej Bajt

Andrej Bajt Asked 12 years ago

Hi Alois! My name is Andrej, I am 14 years old and I am from Croatia I have a really bad problem with my serves in table tennis,and I wonder if you can help me. I am great in game but serves really bother me.  Could you recommend me some not too hard serves but very effective to know and use. 

Thank You!

Greetings from Croatia!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Andrej,

I think a good serve to start with is the Pendulum serve.  It is fairly easy to learn and can be very effective.

Start with your body side on to the table with your left leg touching the backhand corner of the table.  Then have your elbow up at shoulder height.  Swing your forearm through and down like a pendulum contacting the ball with a brushing action on the side of the ball.

We show you this on our lesson in Serving Secrets.  Try to do the serve many times and see if you can get the contact and the action right.

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Andrej Bajt

Andrej Bajt Posted 12 years ago

Hi Alois. I tried to do the Pendulum serve but I find it really hard to do it cause i don't manage to hold racket like that.I usually hold bat with my thumb and my point finger on the back of the rubber like letter V so i cant manipulate with my wrist and do the Pendulum serve.I know that it's not legal and I have to learn to hold bat shakehand...So i ask you to explain me any other serve,maybe fast with lot of sidespin ,I don't know.

Thank You once again! 

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 12 years ago

the backhand serve is easy to learn?


Andrew T

Andrew T Posted 12 years ago


The way you hold the bat is not illegal, it is just not as useful for attacking from both wings. It does have an advantage with certain blocks however.


About the serve- Given your neutral bat grip, I would suggest trying to learn a modified tomahawk and/or windshield wiper serve. You should be able to generate a variety of spins and be ready for the next ball. Be careful though - it will be very difficult to generate underspin so a good opponent will be able to play a powerful return. 


Good luck,

Andrew T

Andrej Bajt

Andrej Bajt Posted 12 years ago

Thank you Andrew ;) Il try windshield wiper serve.

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