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Charles Liebov

Charles Liebov Asked 1 year ago

Hello;   I enjoyed your video on forehand smash and I was able to do it well.  The swing is from right to left, but there is another way that my ping pong friends told me about.  Yangyang teaches a flat hit where you "hit through the ball" and you transfer of weight, and body rotation as well as arm movement.  Which of the two is more reliable?  Frankly I am not consistent with either. 

I really like your teaching videos.  I am a visual learner and your coaching has helped me a lot.  Would you consider making a video of this second method of smashing?  It is so embarrassing when I get a slow high return and and my smash goes long or into the net.  My backhand smash is more consistent. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Charles,

You can do either, they are actually the same stroke just a variation of them.

When you have more time you can transfer your weight more fully from back leg to front leg and have more rotation.

Start with a simple stroke, getting yourself side on to the table and moving your weight through.

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