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Aun Aun

Aun Aun Asked 2 weeks ago

I have a question that when I try to do the forehand backspin ghost serve I tend to get more sidespin than backspin and the ball goes to the side on the other side of the table. However I can get the ball to go back on my side of the table but cannot get it to bounce on both sides of the table. Any solutions for this . Plz reply as soon as possible.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Aun,

The biggest influence on the spin is the angle of your racket.  If you are generating sidespin it will be because you have your racket tilted with the end of your racket facing the ground.  It may not even feel like it but if you take a video of your action you will see the end of your racket tilting down as you contact the ball.

If you are able to get the ball to come back towards you on your side you are starting the get the backspin right.  To get it over the net just focus on getting the first bounce closer to the net on your side of the table.

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