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T T Asked 6 years ago

Hi. I would like to get more spin on my shots. I practice against a wall because I have no one else to play with, except in school. I’m familiar with all spins and how to counter them, I just can’t make enough spin, especially with my topspin. I can’t seem to get the ball to be slow and have a big arc. Please help! 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago


Take a look at this tutorial on the Backhand Slow Spinny Topspin.  This shows you a good simple technique that will help with this.  Put a bar across about 1 meter above the top of the net.  then try to topspin the ball over theta and onto the table.

Give it a try and see the results.


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Neville Young

Neville Young Posted 6 years ago

It will aslo depend on how "grippy' your rubber is. If it is old or started to go hard, it won't matter how much you practice, you won't get the amount of spin you want.


T T Posted 6 years ago

Hey Neville, I use a Stiga Cannon, and it costs like $60 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and it has normal rubber, no pimples or anything. Is that good enough? I also barely use it, and it seems grippy to me.

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 6 years ago

TT you should be able to get plenty of spin with that bat, so yes, definitely good enough.  Follow the Pingskills tutorials, compare them to what you do and make adjustments.  To increase your spin you need to either brush the ball more finely or brush it more quickly (faster stroke), or both. Start with one, then try the other, then try to do both.  Have fun - big slow, spinny looping shot are fun to get right and it's fun watching your opponent miss the ball entirely ;-) 

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