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Sandesh Shrestha

Sandesh Shrestha Asked 11 years ago

I've been having a real hard time with my games. I recently bought a new racket. It was a butterfly Yuki-II series..with  a wakaba rubber......and i have to say it's great but still i often send the services wide off the table and also unable to return the shots. Is it my strokes going wrong or is it the new racket?

Regards...Thank you 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Sandesh,

It may be the racket but the Yuki is a fairly slow control bat so it shouldn't really be the problem.

Think about your strokes and perhaps just adapting to the new bat.  It may be a bit faster and also a bit more grip than your previous bat which will mean the spin of the ball will have more effect.  Try to watch where the ball is going when you are hitting and by using just the angle of your bat adjust the bat to return the ball correctly.

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