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matthew durbridge

matthew durbridge Asked 9 years ago

hi ping skills, I'm currently starting up table tennis, and im starting to understand the shots that are needed in my game situations.

the only problem is that i like change, i have just got myself some short pimpled rubbers can you please give me some advice on how to smash shot on my backhand and forehand

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Matthew,

It is important to have some consistency of your equipment so that you know whether your game is developing.

If you like the short pimples on the backhand then stay with it for at least 6 months to give yourself an opportunity to develop your game with it.

To make the shot with the short pimples, you need to hit the ball flat and at the top of the bounce.  The top of the bounce is important because you can't generate as much topspin as with inverted pimples.  The pimples will give you a bit more speed though.

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