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Steve Oerlemans

Steve Oerlemans Asked 7 years ago

Hey everybody, i'm new here, hope you can help me out. The season is almost over, and now i'm thinking about choosing some other rubbers. My blade is Butterfly BalsaCarboX5, with T05FX 1.9 on my FH and Solcion 1.7 on my BH. I like to play very spinny serves with my BH/FH, and controlled but very spinny open-ups with the FH. With my BH i tend to control the game more with pushes and blocking/counterdriving. I was thinking about the T80FX/Tenzone Ultra SF as an alternative for my FH T05FX, but i can't seem to find a rubber with equal characteristics as Solcion for my BH. It's one of the softest rubbers around, but i want to keep my control and ability to serve with a high amount of spin. For my BH it seems that the M3 is a good alternative, with a slightly higher throw arc, and more spin to it. I was thinking about the Rakza 7 Soft, except that the R7S has a lower throw arc than my Solcion, is very sensitive to incoming spin, and seems to be a little too fast for my style. Regardless of the Bluefire M3, i also came across the Xiom Omega IV Elite, which appears to have identical characteristics as my current BH-rubber. Any suggestions are welcome, for FH as well as my BH.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Steve,

Hopefully someone can give you some ideas.

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Steve Oerlemans

Steve Oerlemans Posted 7 years ago

I hope so 2 :-)

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