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Devin Hirsch

Devin Hirsch Asked 6 years ago

Hi Alois,

I have a big problem that is hindering my development as a player. 

In practice and drills I have the correct technique for my loop, and don't have any problems, but once I start a game with literally anyone, I quickly forget about my technique.

In practice, I push, pivot, and loop with no problem. In a game, one of two things occur.

1: Push, push, push, even when there is a long ball going to my forehand. The point seems to be happening too fast, and there seem to be too many possibilities for what my opponent might do in response to my return for me to get ready for my stroke.

2: Swing with no decisiveness/speed, or just be an idiot and smash the ball into the net. 

I get the feeling that this is one of the only problems preventing me from rising to the next level. What would you recommend I do to remove this problem? 

I already followed your tip about leaving the main room, and going outside to refresh my mind, and it worked a lot. I played a lot better in the following games, and I had more fun as well.

Thank you sir!


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Devin,

One thing that will help is to make your training more game like.

Whenever you do a drill make sure you add a random component to it where you don't know where the ball is coming.  In training we tend to set up drills where we know the direction of the ball but ni a game we don't get this luxury.

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