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Rob Janssen

Rob Janssen Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois,

Defending with long pimple wasnt really were I was looking for after all. And I have been working on getting a better backhand and it has been working in matches. Yesterday when I played in competition I didn’t lose a single set and I think I was under pressure like 2-3 rallies max per set and I was able to pressure my opponent every time.

But my backhand is a little bit slow and spinny and I want to get more power out of my backhand and I read something about using your waist and your legs. I understand how to use my waist with a backhand but I have no idea how to get extra power with my legs.

Thanks for your help!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Rob,

We have just filmed a lesson on this which will be up shortly.  It is on the Advanced Backhand Topspin.

Whenever you are trying to hit the ball faster it is a matter of gathering all of the forces together, starting with your legs and then your waist and arm and wrist.  The backhand involves quite a lot of wrist however.  Stay tuned for the new lesson.

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Ayesha Noon

Ayesha Noon Posted 8 years ago

Is your film for premium members? I hope it's not. So is it?

Ayesha Noon

Ayesha Noon Posted 8 years ago

I'll see once you put your video on your website.

Rob Janssen

Rob Janssen Posted 8 years ago

Okay Im already tuned for the video :)

I find myself beeing slightly more on my toes and sometimes making a slight jump action when doing a backhand away from the table so I dont know thats a good thing but It just happins.

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