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Ravi Gangabathina

Ravi Gangabathina Asked 1 week ago

Hello Alois,

One of my friends who plays championships suggested me to hold the grip close to the bat with no gap left. His point was that it then becomes an extension of your hand and improves your footwork.
I started trying the same and found it difficult as it was about unlearning my earlier grip.
Could you please give your thoughts on this suggestion and the best way to hold the bat?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 days ago

Hi Ravi,

I like the grip to be quite close in to your hand as well for better control.  However, if you are more comfortable with the grip further away then I would stay with that as long as you feel comfortable with it and it is not costing you control of the ball.

Take a look at our tutorial on How To Hold a Table Tennis Bat.


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