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Pedja Maric

Pedja Maric Asked 9 years ago

Hi, Alois

I have a question about Vladimir Samsonov\'s serve. I know that you have video on this, but since I am not a premium member, maybe you could tell me something. I have watched this video, and I think I realize the mechanism of the serve. The only thing I don\'t see is what I want to ask you: When he starts his serve, he holds his racket like shake hand. What interests me, does he hold it all the way, or, at the moment of the contact with the ball he loses shake hand grip and takes pendulum grip, with thumb and index finger only.

The other thing I want to ask is about equipment. What type of blade would you recommend for players with long pimple. I mean, would you recommend ALL, ALL+, or, DEF+, DEF. I know this could be individual, but, I just want to see your opinion about this. Thank you

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Pedja,

When Samsonov serves, he will take the fingers from around the handle and loosen them off the handle to allow more use of the wrist.

It is only a small change in the grip, it isn't changing to a Penhold grip.

For the blade, I would prefer an Allround blade to allow me to be able to absorb the speed when using the long pimples. With the Allround though you can then use a faster rubber on the forehand to give you greater effect and difference between the two sides.

If you play a completely defensive game of chopping then you could go for a slower blade,

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