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Dariusz Rypień

Dariusz Rypień Asked 1 week ago

Hello, I've got a question concerning short pimples and I've already watched your video about it, which I found very useful :). Basically I understand the cycle that if I attack to the short pimples with a heavy topspin, and if an opponent blocks, then I get a ball with a some backspin which I have to lift. But my question is what to do next? Should I attack then with some aggressive topspin or will the ball again come back with some backspin?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Dariusz,

The short pimples will flatten out the spin.  It may feel like backspin but usually it is just less topspin than you would expect from inverted rubber.  It doesn't reverse the spin on the ball however it will feel difficult to lift or flat a strong topspin from.  Long pimples will reverse the spin on the ball.

Sometimes after one or two topspins you can push the next ball to relieve the pressure of making the topspin against the flat ball.  You can put that push to an effective position and hopefully get an easier ball to attack next.

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Dariusz Rypień

Dariusz Rypień Posted 5 days ago

Thanks for the answer I found your tipis very useful. However, I used to play with some short pimples and my game was not so distorted. I’ve been playing recently with one guy who is using as he told dr neubauer killer pro rubber. He told me that it is a short pimple rubber but for me it looks bit like a mixture of short and long pimples. So maybe it’s a medium pimple rubber? If so do you know any tactics on how to play with them in a rally? What serves would be the best?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 3 days ago

Hi Dariusz,

Yes watching some footage of them they do behave a little like medium pimples even though they are listed as short. Often serving a backspin ball to the pimples will give you a topspin ball to be able to attack.

Play for a little reversal when you play to the pimples.  So if you topspin to the pimples expect them to come back with a little backspin.

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