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Pasquale Mule

Pasquale Mule Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois, i was wondering if spin was more important than speed? because here in Costa Rica, players dont really use that much speed on strokes but they use very heavy spin most of the time, and sometimes to add speed they use the sidespin forehand topspin hooking shot. Is that a good strategy to maximize the spin on each stroke? or i should keep learning regular table tennis?

Thanks for reading?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Pasquale,

Stay with the regular topspin for a while. Using straight topspin is all you really need.  You don't need to add sidespin if you do the straight topspin well enough.

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Irfan Irfan

Irfan Irfan Posted 9 years ago

or maybe if it's far apart from the table..try to lob it out...but into the court...

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