sponge damage when removing rubbers from blade

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andrew brand

andrew brand Asked 10 years ago

hi pingskills, i have over the years made up a lot of bats with no problems, but last couple of times i have had the problem of 1. wood came off with the rubber ruining that blade, and 2. latest one i was very careful peeling rubber off slowly but it was so stuck that a chunk of sponge detached from rubber and stayed on blade.  i have been peeling sideways across the blade as ive seen advised in catalogues and online.  this last one was a nearly new rubber and i had to throw it out and buy again. as you know good rubbers are not cheap.  one sheet can cost as much as the blade.

could this be down to a couple of things i am doing? -

1. i usually stick the rubbers and then put a 10kg weight on for a few hours to make sure it is well stuck

2. could i be using too much glue? it usually takes more time for the glue on the sponge to dry than the blade.  usually about half hour or more to dry. (go clear).

 this time i have not weighted my bat, and have used only a very thin layer of glue just in case.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Andrew,

I think some of the new water based glues have this effect on the rubber.  I think that is probably the difference.  Others may have some suggestions. 

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