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Filippo Rotunno

Filippo Rotunno Asked 8 years ago

Dear Alois and Jeff

I have not asked a question for a while because I am playing my best table tennis ever and that is thanks to your dedication and passion. In addition to other improvements I can play a good reverse service that is very effective against those hard lefties (sorry Alois).

I have a problem however because I am rapidly running out of my favourite rubber Donic Waldner. The manufacturer has stopped making it and the rubbers that they have suggested do not come anywhere near my beautiful Waldner. I had a go with some Butterfly rubbers but all to no avail. I am now thinking that I may have not considered the sponge density which as I understand is measured in degrees. Unfortunately I do not know the Waldner density so I cannot really compare it. I imgine that it may be hard since I do not spin but rather drive into it.

What is your understanding and advice about my predicament? I know that you have already answered questions about hard and soft sponges but I could not find an answer to my specific case.

Please help me.

Kind regards to both.


P.S. Alois the sporting highlight of my life is still meeting you in London and speaking to you


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Filippo,

As usual you are very kind with your sentiments.

It is great to hear you are playing so well.

I will let others help you out here as I am not an expert in these areas.  Which other rubbers have you tried and not liked?

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leonardo gabica

leonardo gabica Posted 8 years ago

I'm gonna help you,but don't don't bother me if i'm wrong this is just from my own, instincts,
From what i had read from what you said, you like driving instead of spinning the ball,
so i advice you a hard rubber on what side do you like to drive to, Ex:You like to drive in the forehand side,
then but a hard rubber in the forehand side, then soft in the backhand side if you don't like driving using your backhand,

And the density of waldner sponge, sorry but i don't know that , this is  just my advice to you,
Hope you appreciate!

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