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B N Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois 

Ive got sriver el rubbers . I found them quite good but everyone else at my club has tenergy and says its better. What do you think? 

Thanks Alois 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Benedict,

Tenergy is certainly a lot faster but that doesn't mean it is necessarily better for you.  See what suits your game and what you feel comfortable with.

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Julio Torres

Julio Torres Posted 9 years ago

I have a friend who have Tenergy 64 on fh side and Sriver Fx on Bh side. He found a extrem speed on his forehand and a lot of control in his Bh with Good speed. Before the realising of Tenergy, Timo Boll used Sriver rubbers.

bertus bertus

bertus bertus Posted 9 years ago

When do you think is the right moment to move on to an other, faster rubber?
I play for 6 years now and as a fairly offensive player I use Mark V GPS rubbers but all my team mates use Tenergy05 and they try to convince me to start using Tenergy05 as well. Should I give it a try even if I feel good with my trusty old Mark V rubbers?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi Bertus,

If you feel good with the other bat then stay with it.  If you feel like you are not getting a proper reward for your strokes because of a lack of speed and spin, then you can think about moving up.

bertus bertus

bertus bertus Posted 9 years ago

Hi Alois,

The Mark V rubber lacks speed. I get a decent amount of topspin out of it. So on the attacking side it's not that great and I'd like to move up.
On the other hand the defensive abilities of mark V are great! So much control and to be able to create a lot of underspin is a comfortable thought.

I've tried a asomewhat faster rubber before (Joola Samba 2.1mm) but for me that was a horrible rubber because it was way to "bouncy" while pushing. In conclusion: Like you said, I stick to the Mark V rubber because I feel confident with it and I stand my ground in competition. I believe I should wait until my game becomes very agressive.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


Kamaljit Pannu

Kamaljit Pannu Posted 9 years ago

I have recently graduated to AMULTART  butterfly blade and tenergy 80 on both sides and I find the racquet  superb.earlier I used mark 5 and my transition has been smooth.


Debo :

Debo : Posted 9 years ago

Earlier I also used to use Mark V both sides.  The most trusted rubber for me for a long period of time.  But, recently I changed my FH to GKI Hybridz-GX and BH Tenergy 05.  Now, I found that I was less rewarded with my strokes.  Hybridz-GX is a fantastic rubber, good spin, speed and good arc to catch the table.  The speed and spin excels in full swing strokes.  Very good for blocking, throw angle comparatively low than T05.  In the other hand, with T05, its a pleasure to hit the ball.  It plays every thing very good.  Very forgiving and you can play any kind of proper strokes with very much ease.  Though it is a very fast and spiny rubber, but you will not feel it because of its strange feeling sponge.  I feel like I am playing with a rubber of 1 inch thick. Strange feeling for me who played with Mark V for long.    

I personally think that nowadays there are many goods rubber superior to Mark V.  If you can control and use them properly, you will be much more rewarded with your strokes.  For beginners, Mark V is OK.

enrico rodil

enrico rodil Posted 9 years ago

I use butterfly sriver fx for my forehand lots of spin fast rubber and lots of control

Surapun Wongopasi

Surapun Wongopasi Posted 9 years ago

I just recently encountered a few players who use T05.  I must admit that T05 has extreme power, both speed and spin.  I am quite a good blocker, but when I tried to block a topspin loop from T05, the ball just went long.  I was quite surprised because the coming ball didn't seem to have that much speed or spin, but when I tried to block it, the ball just went off the table.  I have been a loyal lover of Mark V since the 1970s, but I just took up TT again about 6 months ago.  I put Mark V V30 on my FH and Butterly Flextra on my BH.  After a few sessions, I discovered that these rubbers do not have the potential like the newly developed rubbers.  Now I switched to Tibhar Grip-S Euro Soft for my BH and Tibhar Q5 on my FH, and my shots are more powerful.  I haven't tried playing with Tenergy rubbers as I think they are overpriced, so I can't reall comment on how much adjustment one has to make going from Mark V to T05 or T64.

Surapun Wongopasi

Surapun Wongopasi Posted 9 years ago

I forgot to comment that if your game is more an attack game, then you should consider moving to more advanced rubbers, but if you play a more defensive game and closer to the table, then Mark V will give you good control and enough defense against the new generation rubbers.

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