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Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Asked 15 years ago

So I just started playing Table Tennis. I bought myself a Beginner's Racket and some 2-3 Star Balls. I know how to serve mainly Topspin Serves. So I have my practice buddy with me and I always miss the ball on contact. I only know how to do Soft and Hard Loops(Topspin in your videos) and some pushes. Now I need to know all the strokes and when to use them. And also I need advice/tips for beginners like me.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 15 years ago

Hi Charles... slow down mate.  Sounds like you are doing well learning what you have already.

Learning when to use strokes comes from playing lots of games.  There is no set formula, only, that to start with you should think about making the attack whenever you can.

Play lots of different types of players and you will start to learn when to use strokes.

As for the other strokes, I would concentrate on learning the forehand and backhand counterhit so that you develop control of the ball.  This will also help your topsin strokes.

Keep going.  I love your enthusiasm.

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Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown Posted 15 years ago

Thanks Alois. When I'm in a match, they always use chop/push so the ball isn't really going high enough for a forehand/backhand counterhit. So I use push since I don't quite really understand chop. But when I do a push, my body reacts as if I just swing the paddle upwards insted of forward. Also I don't know how to push yet. And also I play Doubles. If it's my turn to return, I don't know what to do sinceI only know counterhits and their serving really low forcing me to push. That's all my problems for now.

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