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Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, coach!

In the last days almost all of my club-mates can easily block, counter-loop and even smash my loops. I think it is because they know my topspins land to a fixed point (FH corner). During the games I lose motivation to do topspin because I know it will be smashed or it will be counter-attacked. I feel that I must vary directions but is it possible to do fh topspin down the line? Especially if backspin ball comes from opponents fh side? I tried it several times in the game but always failed. Except varying directions what do you suggest?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Ardak,

I think that the variation of the placement is one important part.  The other things that you can vary  are spin and speed.

To vary placement you can utilise your subtle changes in the wrist position or you can vary the timing of the contact.  If you hit the ball a little later the ball can go down the line, earlier will make it easier to get the ball cross court.

To vary your wrist position the first thing to do is have the wrist relaxed and play around with the positions.  Don't be afraid to put the ball very wide to start with so that you are finding the limits of your range of placement.

Persevere with the topspin but work on vacations.  This will make it more difficult for your opponents and will hopefully stop them from smashing them back at you.

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Ardak Mirzakhmedov

Ardak Mirzakhmedov Posted 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much, coach!!! 

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