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Spinny Asked 7 months ago

Hello Alois,

I was practicing serves with a wrist brace on, and because I couldn't move my wrist very much, I found myself using my fingers more to rotate the bat to get spin. Is this actually a good way to generate more spin, or is this a bad habit that helped me compensate for not being able to move my wrist? I normally hold my bat like I would for the pendulum serve during service, but I sometimes change it for different serves so that I can use my fingers more. Is there one correct way to hold the bat for service, or is it good to change grips for different serves?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago


Using your fingers can also help you to generate spin with your serves.  Ideally you use your wrist and your fingers together to generate more spin.  It is nice to discover these things through some adversity.

You can use different grips for different serves.  Play around with the grip and see which grip allows you the most movement with your wrist and looseness of your hand and fingers during the serve.

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