Using forehand drive instead of flick to attack ball

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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin Asked 6 years ago

I was watching how to do the forehand flick and i noticed they bring their arm backwards a little and tilt their wrist also backwards when preparing, then the stroke is to brush forward and up on the ball (similar to drawing a 'V'), with some wrist

But what is the importance of those action? Because could I maybe attack the ball by simply doing a SHORT forehand counterhit/drive stroke (while also stepping under the table). It seems to produce similar results.

so why is the forehand flick stroke the way it is and could I use short forehand drive stroke to attack the incoming short ball?


thanks pingskills

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Aaron,

The 'V' action helps you to add some momentum to your swing.  The wrist is also critical in this.  If you do a small counterhit stroke you miss the movement of the wrist which will help with speed.

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