What is the best way to cut rubber?

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Douglas Hill

Douglas Hill Asked 11 years ago

When I buy a blade and rubber at the same time and have the seller assemble them, it comes perfectly trimmed. I can never do nearly as good a job myself. How do they do it? Is there some sort of cookie cutter for rubber that one can buy? What do you use for cutting rubber?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Douglas,

It does take some practice to get used to this. Which is unfortunate because of the cost of each rubber. There are a number of different techniques you can use.

You place the square sheet of rubber on the blade without any glue and then trace around the edge with a pen. Then you can use scissors to cut along the line you drew. Then you need to make sure that you glue the rubber on perfectly straight.

The other option is to glue the square sheet on and then use some scissors to cut the rubber around the blade. This is what I tend to do for my own equipment. You want to use some sharp scissors and preferably some small scissors to cut near the handle. If you have large scissors is is hard to cut near the handle.

The neatest way and what most suppliers do is to glue the square sheet on the blade and then place the bat rubber side down and cut around the blade with a scalpel.

We've had a few other questions on this which might help you out too.

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Let me know if this helps you out or if you have some more questions. We are going to try and make a video on this in the next few weeks.

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