Xiom extreme s or comic person power carbon senso

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Adih Adoy

Adih Adoy Asked 7 years ago

IM CONFUSED BETWEEN sonic person power carbon senso or xiom extreme s

Pls suggest


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Adih,

Hopefully someone with experience with one or both of these will give you some help.

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Hendrik S

Hendrik S Posted 7 years ago

Two things:

1. The Donic blade is more expensive and in my experience xiom products are more constant and durable as well. Thats just my personal opinion, many players like donic and perform well with it, but after 2 of my donic blades broke accidently, without much pressure on them and rubbers lost their grip early, im done with donic for now. I have to say that it was also a lower price category, but anyway... The higher price category and carbon blade might make donic blades better quality and more stable but:

2. Here you have to decide if you really want to play a carbon blade or not. You need to know if you like the "carbon-feeling" in play. The xiom blade is a 7 ply all wood blade and the donic has 7 plies of wood + 2 carbon. Some players say they have more control with carbon, as it makes the blade more stiff, better for smashes and increases the sweet spot for them, whereas other players say carbon makes it impossible for them to control the bat and gives "dead-feeling".

So thats what you should base your decision on. Except the 2 carbo layers, they might play quite similar and even tho the donic has 9 plies, they weight exactly the same (carbon is very light).

Here you can compare the blades again, with some raitings and comments, but remember that they are also based on personal experiences + the carbon aspect:

Xiom Extreme S

Donic Persson Power Carbon Senso

Mike Deubig

Mike Deubig Posted 7 years ago

Hi Adith,

I have used Donic blades in the Epox series and have found them to be durable and fun to play with. Currently, I'm using a butterfly carbon blade, and I love it! My take on the wood vs carbon. The carbon I have is much faster, it has a solid feel when hitting the ball, and the control is better than with the Donic wood blades. I also use Bluefire M2 on my forehand only with the carbon blade, and so far it's been pretty durable, very good for looping, chopping and blocking. The only thing that required an adjustment was weight. The carbon blade that I have is heavier than the Donic wood blades. This adjustment took a few months, but after that, I don't notice it anymore. 

Good luck in choose the right blade for you! :) 



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