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Dealing with the Half Long Serve

In this video we will talk about the different ways that you can deal with the half long ball. These include getting to the ball early and pushing it back as well as letting the ball come to you and playing a bigger stroke.

Tutorial Lessons

Advanced Receiving

Advanced Receiving
Back to Serving and Receiving 0% COMPLETE 15 LESSONS
1 Fake Movements 1:43
2 Receiving Tactics 5:33
3 How To Practice Receiving 7:01
4 Returning Examples Commentary 7:08
5 Judging the Length of a Serve 4:38
6 Receiving Middle Serves 1:33
7 Dealing with the Half Long Serve 4:03
8 Returning a Heavy Backspin Serve 2:54
9 Playing with the Spin 1:52
10 Returning Ma Lin's Serve 2:17
11 Returning the Spin to the Server 2:06
12 Push Heavy Backspin Serve 1:58
13 Attacking Short Serves 2:01
14 Returning with Long Pimples 6:56
15 Returning Half Long Backspin Serves 2:07

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Paul Griz

Paul Griz Posted 1 year ago

I’ve struggled with these. Thank you for these great tips.

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