Show #325 - Competition Winners Announced

3 years ago

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In the show today we announce the winners of the latest PingSkills Challenge. We also tell a great table tennis joke :), and of course answer some of your table tennis questions.

Favouring Forehand Serves

Hin - From my understanding, a standard backhand serve allow us to face straight after the service so we don't have to reposition ourselves. I also found it is easier to aim towards the opponent's forehand side (right-handed to right-handed player) as we do the standard backhand serve at the centre of the table. In other words, I found that a regular forehand serve has more restrictions with needs to reposition after the service and it isn't as easy to aim towards the opponent's forehand side. There are exceptions like Dimitrij Ovtcharov, but how come we don't often see high-level players use their backhand serve as their main service?

The Roll

Jason - Does a roller count in table tennis. I’ve seen people do it and the ball does an airing the net but rolls with no bounce? Does it count as a point?

Short Push Location on the Bat

Richard - I saw a video by an old Irish coach who was very sharp.  He made a point that I have only heard him make.  He said that on a short push, you should try to have the ball hit your bat pretty close to your hand so soften the stroke and make it easier to keep it low and close to the net.  I have never heard you and Jeff make reference to that type of advice.  How do you feel about it?  Thanks

Backhand Consistency

Dhanvith - I am a left-handed player. My backhand strokes are very unreliable. Almost every stroke puts the ball into the net or sends it outside the table. It has become very frustrating and has become the reason of my many defeats I am facing right now. Please teach me some tips and drills to improve my backhand moves.

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