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Table Tennis Questions

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Question Title Category Last Updated
Uneven gluing of rubber Equipment 1 month ago
Table tennis racket and blade Equipment 1 month ago
What kind of long pips does Joo se hyuk use? Equipment 1 month ago
Saying a word after a I get a point Discussion 1 month ago
New bat Equipment 1 month ago
Service Toss Rules 1 month ago
Early timing Strokes and Technique 1 month ago
Anti loop rubbers Match Strategy 1 month ago
Touching the ball twice Rules 1 month ago
Medium pips Equipment 2 months ago
How does table tennis player cheer ? General 2 months ago
Ply for short pips Equipment 2 months ago
High and low quality tables Discussion 2 months ago
Ping pong table with kids Equipment 2 months ago
Bat passing over the table during serve Rules 2 months ago
Reuse Premade Bat Equipment 2 months ago
Long Pimples and fast blade Equipment 2 months ago
Different fh and bh rubbers Equipment 2 months ago
Paddle position clock reference and degrees reference Service Return 2 months ago
Tactical changes Match Strategy 2 months ago
Which racket to buy Equipment 2 months ago
Ping Pong Paddle Equipment 2 months ago
Buying a new table tennis table Equipment 2 months ago
Penhold serve and shakehand receive Discussion 2 months ago
Playing against players with a weird style Match Strategy 2 months ago
Guide to buy a table tennis table Equipment 2 months ago
Dealing with a high spinning ball Strokes and Technique 2 months ago
Long pips invert combo strategy Match Strategy 2 months ago
Change of clothing Rules 2 months ago
Changing the serving style over time Serving 2 months ago
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