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D K Asked 5 years ago

Hello PingSkills Team,

as yesterday I got a lot of following balls,I would want to ask about dealing with them: (Though, despite this, I eventually won the match :) )

1) dropping block. Whenever I looped, I got a lot of blocks that were aimed at my middle lacking any spin, height or speed. Simply blocks that kept falling close to the end line. I am good at lifting balls from under the table in this ball position but I must be perfectly placed myself to do it. As I loop from mid-range because I need the ball to travel up first, it is quite nasty thing when I am 4 feet away from the table and I get a slow, low dead ball that drops 10 inches from the table right between my knees.

2)net ball. When my opponent smashed, he hit the ball at the net's top surprisingly often (about 3 times per set). Being a player who never wants to leave a ball unless it touches floor, I would want to be able to catch even such balls successfully. The ball always drove into the net's top, then bounced directly up, loaded with topspin/sidespin. Then it bounced close to the middle of the table and then fell so that its second bounce would be close to the table's edge.

3)weak smash. Sometimes, my opponent gave me a weak version of smash, usually in a response to my return of some nastily placed ball. Basically, I got a ball that contained no power but was above my head level. I could not lob due to to the ceiling being only about 15 inches above my highest point of reach but I could not wait for it to drop simply due to the room being too small.

Please how can I deal with such balls?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi DK,

The main thing with all of this is to watch the ball at all times and give yourself the best chance to get any ball... whether it hits the net or drops lower than you expect or flies over your head.

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D K Posted 5 years ago

Hello, seems like today I managed to do something with it. I played with a player who treats defenders similarly to how I sometimes treat them: he uses one/two attacks and the dropshot. In the first case,it worked. In next cases,I was able to compete as I found out that he is very predictable with his dropshot.


Also,I once dealt with abovehead ball.

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