Show #323 - Service Rules in Table Tennis

3 years ago

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We're back with another episode where we talk about the service rules in table tennis for both singles and doubles. Plus we have more jokes and more OMG facts. Enjoy!

Liam Pitchford's unexpected victory against Xu Xin

Jasper: How did Liam Pitchford defeat the mighty cloud Walker Xu Xin?

Free Hand on Racket

Mike: Are you allowed to touch the racket with your free hand during a rally?  My son uses his free hand to get extra spin on the ball when hitting it.

Rubber for Developing Youth Player

Andrew: My 10 year old son is starting to get more interested in Table Tennis.  He has an ok forehand drive and is working on his backhand.  What is the best rubber to use to help further develop his game?

Doubles Serve Rule

Jasper: I always wondered why we have to serve from the right hand box diagonally. Do you have any ideas why there is this rule?

Is this Rubber ITTF Approved?

Ashprit: Hi again, i bought another bat which actually says and has the logo for ittf approval but its not on the larc list so I'm not sure.

Singles Service Rules

Aaron: Hi PingSkills, I have question about services in the singles play. The other day I was playing a friend from UK and one serve landed near the top left of his side of the table (near the net) and he couldn't reach it. He then said according to English rules that would be an illegal serve. So My question is, am I allowed to serve the ball from anywhere (provided it's on my side of the table) and it doesn't matter where it lands on the opponents table? Is this correct? This assumes my serve meets all other requirements like a legal toss, bounces on my side first, doesn't hit net and so on.

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