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The Ultimate Challenge: 1000 Forehands in a Row!

In our video on the forehand counterhit, Alois casually mentioned that if you can hit 1,000 forehands in a row you know you have mastered the stroke. Well, we thought we had better put ourselves to the test. So here is us attempting to hit 1,000 forehands on in a row. Enjoy!

Tutorial Lessons

Basic Strokes

Basic Strokes
Back to Strokes and Techniques 0% COMPLETE 18 LESSONS
1 Introduction 0:44
2 How to Hold the Bat: Shakehand and Pengrip 3:30
3 Legal and Effective Serves for Beginners 3:48
4 The Most Important Skill 2:58
5 Master the Basic Stance in Table Tennis for Power and Movement 2:51
6 Basic Positioning at the Table 3:13
7 The 6 Most Important Strokes to Learn First in Table Tennis 1:19
8 Forehand Counterhit: Master the Basics 3:51
9 The Ultimate Challenge: 1000 Forehands in a Row! 11:57
10 Backhand Counterhit 3:05
11 The Hitting Zone: How Far From Your Body to Hit the Ball 3:00
12 The Finish Position 1:29
13 Improve Your Forehand by Transferring Your Weight 2:42
14 Backhand Push 3:13
15 Forehand Push 3:17
16 What Should Be Done With The Non-Playing Arm? 2:11
17 How to Take the Ball Earlier off the Table 1:43
18 Summary and Outcomes 0:24

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Ujjal Chatterjee

Ujjal Chatterjee Posted 3 months ago

Dear Jeff and Alois, wonderful video made by you.

1380+ Fore hand counterhit in a row!!!!


Paul Griz

Paul Griz Posted 3 months ago


I am beyond impressed!!!!   You two are machines!!!!  Absolutely loved watching this.  It was great to be able to study the strokes from two perspectives without interruption.  I know I will improve as a result of watching this.  Thank you both for taking the time to make this and the almost superhuman effort and talent.  You guys ROCK!!!

Rick August

Rick August Posted 3 months ago

I like that you guys stress consistency which I think is underappreciated.  At the lower levels, where I currently reside, consistency is so important.  Getting the ball back a couple of more times per game can make the difference between winning and losing.  I'm trying to be more consistent in my play.  Keep up the good work.

eduardo espinosa

eduardo espinosa Posted 3 months ago

Obviously, it takes 2 to tango. I was betting Jeff would be the one to miss. His way of hitting is more  "stressful", I would say, like more for a match than for a demonstration. While Alois way looks simpler and more relaxed. Hooray to both!! Getting to that level of precision and concentration is something to admire.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 3 months ago

Thanks for all the comments and observations.

@Ujjal, we were surprised we did this on the first attempt!

@Paul, it was actually fun to try - I'm glad you got a lot out of it!

@Rick, it is so true, consistency is so important. It seems obvious but if you can get one ball back more than your opponent you win the point :)!

@Eduardo, yes Alois definintely has the more relaxed swing which is probably better since the more relaxed you are generally the faster you can swing which is why all the good players in the World make it look so effortless!

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